Why Israel?

Israel, a small country with only 8 million people and just 65 years old. Its dynamic population thrives upon cultural, religious and ethnic diversity resulting from the absorption of immigrants from 130 countries. Through its human capital, Israel generates more startup companies than large, industrial nations like Japan, China, Korea, Canada, Germany and the UK. In addition, Israel has, per capita, attracted over twice as much venture capital investment as the US and 30 times more than all the members of the European Union combined. 

What is start tel aviv?

It's global competition of startups from 20 different countries! The best startup from each country will travel to Israel for intense all-expense-paid 5 days trip! Between September 25 and September 29 will participate in exciting and innovative DLD Festival in Tel Aviv /dIdtefavIv.com/ 

Winning startup from Serbia will meet with Israeli entrepreneurs, professionals and global investors becoming a real part of Tel Aviv startup ecosystem with its cool and smart companies, techies, designers, artists, scientists and cultural drivers. 

Competition guidelines 

Only one founding member of a startup company may submit the company to the Start Tel Aviv competition and that founder will be subject to the conditions. The prize will be given to the founder who entered the competition.

Conditions for eligibility to submit a company to the Start Tel Aviv competition: 

  • Age of submitting founder: 25 - 40 
  • Sectors: Web, Mobile, or Security 
  • Stage: Seed Stage 
  • Female founder of startup